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The maximum number of benefit payments that would be payable for any claim.

The number of days you have chosen at application, when you must be unemployed or unable to work before the start of the claim waiting period.

The amount of days immediately following the Policy start date when you cannot claim for Unemployment.

The maximum benefit is £2000.00 or 65.00% of your normal monthly gross income.

If you select 'YES' a 'BRONZE Medical Declaration button' will appear at the bottom of the page. You must now click the 'BRONZE Medical Declaration button' to declare your Pre-Existing Medical Conditions: A pre-existing condition means any accident, sickness, condition or injury whether diagnosed or not which you: - Knew or should reasonably have known at the policy start date; or - Had seen or arranged to see a doctor during the 12 months prior to the policy start date; or - Have received a consultation, medication, monitoring advice or treatment for; or - Were made aware of, or had experienced symptoms of (whether or not a diagnosis has been made).